Sing Once Again With Me; Our Strange Duet

Alysha, 19, Kutztown University, Cosplayer, Fangirl, Phantom of the Opera, Soul Eater, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts

The people and the friends that we have lost, or the dreams that have faded…

Never forget them.

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ryan + paternity

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don’t waste sunsets with people who will be gone by sunrise.

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Make me choose oerbayunthighs asked: Serah or Vanille?

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Get to know: Sierra Boggess (insp.)

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If he wants me broken,

       then I will have to be w h o l e

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I’m already crazy. I’m a f e a r l e s s person. I think it creeps up on you. I don’t think it can be stopped. If my d e s t i n y is to lose my mind because of fame, then that’s my destiny. But my passion still means more than a n y t h i n g.

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